I feel so alone , My hubby is 61 yr.old and started to change dramatically with all the signs and symptoms of particularly the "frontotemporal dementia". He says nothing is wrong with him,. Sometimes I feel he is "just faking" however some other family members see it also, He had bad frequent HA but mostly the change in behavior, angry, rude, stares into space, doesn't talk as much or sits down and has this funny look on his face and doesn't say anything, Thinking back about 6-8 yr. ago he had HA a lot and says it's just migraines, staring,tremors on his legs and hands at times but just let it go. Also he craves and eats lots of sweets, candies, cookies etc. Talks back and says things or jokes that aren't funny, Can't seem to hold long conversations and into his own world. He woke up with bad leg cramps 2 night in a row and also has bad midback back pain on his spine, He says he feels stiff and thinks it's arthritis. Bottom line is here I am desperately trying to help him get a the Dr.'s first...But he just won't go....Please, please I need some advise so I can stay sane.....He was like himself for the first time this weekend like how he normally was before, By the way the changes started about 2 months ago and came on very quickly...Just don't know what to do ..any suggestions will help!!!


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