My brother has been declared legally blind and can not see to take his glucose levels are see to administer his own insulin. What kind of resources are there to get someone to just do this function for him? Family members have helped when they can but we need a permanent solution as is sugar levels are not getting better and may need more home health care in the future. Thank You

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Contact the Association for the Blind. They have many resources for assisting newly blind. My cousin is a type I diabetic. She went blind from diabetes. They helped her with adaptive assistance. She uses pre-filled syringes and a special testing meter. She manages it all herself. She does not have in home health care of any kind. I don’t know of any resources to get someone to do it for him.
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Agree with UsedupDIL. There are “talking” glucometers who “speak” out to state the blood sugar value for a person with limited vision as well as adaptive devices available for blind diabetics. Good luck!
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