Has anyone placed someone in a nursing home that has severe lewy body dementia (hallucinations) without physical ailments? My father thinks my mom is beating him (hallucinating) and i need him out of her home. We can't help him anymore. We tried everything... medicines... outside caregivers... my mom will die if she deals with this any longer.

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Lookin4hlp, I’m sure your first emotion is guilt. Understand that the way your father is acting is not your fault...or his. Or your mom’s. Dementia in any form is a nasty, horrible disease. My own mother had dementia and for the last year of her life, she lived in her own world of hallucinations, delusions and paranoia.

The decision to place a loved one is by far one of the most difficult ones we will ever make. But, this is something you had to do. Even though you did your best for him, his home was no longer a safe place for your dad to be, for him or your mom. If he felt threatened, he could have struck out. And when people with dementia do, they can be very strong. I have a scar on my arm from my mom.

Give your dad some time to adjust to his facility. He will beg to go home and promise to “behave”. Use the Therapeutic Fib. Tell him you’re having his house painted and it’s not ready yet. (Of course it will never be ready). Try not to visit every day. Give yourselves all time to become adjusted.

You have done the the right thing. Come back and let us know how it’s going.
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He will be accepted in most memory care facilities. They deal with LBD often.
He should be under the care of a neurologist that is working on getting the correct medications. Medicating LBD can be very difficult as many of the drugs that would be used for anxiety and other "typical" behaviors can be fatal to LBD patients.
And you are right your Mom can be injured if he is not removed.
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Hi Amijoy
i may not have been clear in my question. I havent placed him yet... i need to but some tell me he wont be accepted because he is physically healthy. I am hoping some places do take physically healthy people with LBD due to the fact they arent safe at home and cant afford 24 hour caregivers
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