I have never heard of these but sounds interesting.
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Pace is Medicaid funded. So yes low income and assets are factors.
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Yeah, your in Michigan, right?

You need to qualify for Medicaid Home Based Waiver Services and it is subject to recovery. You dont see your regular doctors anymore, all care goes through them and it is like a daycare. There was a lot of funding given to make these centers, the one in my area looks really nice, all brick, cool windows. When I went inside it reaked of poop, understaffed...just gross and disgusting.

Unlike most states, which only has the area on aging, most counties have a commission on aging which doesnt have anything to do with Medicaid but can assess you for services through them.
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slp1684 Apr 4, 2019
To get any type of help, a decent place is just a joke. All places promise roses, but behind the scenes they are all short staff. Recently, moved mom to AL, and I have to watch them like an eagle eye, and make sure I'm still the advocate for mom. It's unbelievable cost, and still have a different set of circumstances for caring of my mom.
There's a brand new one right by where we live. I wanted to know if I could just take mom there for showers. Some nursing homes have that as a pay service. Like going to get a haircut. They told me that we would have to switch all her healthcare to them. They didn't mention it was medicaid funded. Good to know to stay away. We are trying to avoid medicaid unless absolutely necessary.
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My mom attended a Pace facility for day care. It was a wonderful place and caregivers were great. It did not smell. My mom was not on Medicaid, she paid the full rate. Payment is graduated based on income. Know nothing about having to use their doctors, maybe a requirement if on Medicaid.
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