She has five children. Everyone agrees about taking over finances except one sister who is constantly playing mom against the rest of the family. last episode mom took a cab to a pawn shop, tried to pawn her diamond rings to wire money to a scam artist for a lottery she thought she won. this is not the first time she has wired money. We now have taken her cell phone from her and taken over her fiances and she is furious with the son who is in charge.
She has been diagnosed with dementia and the doctors support our decison but daughter does not agree with our decision.

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It's too bad that one of your siblings is so against this. Of course, your mother is upset. But her history and the agreement of the doctor shows that you are right. You'll have to lovingly detach from her anger. Acknowledge how hard it is to give cup control. Make sure she has some money to spend. But let her know that her doctor thinks this is best. If you can document her history of these scams and show it to the sister who objects, then you can ask her why, exactly, she objects. She may just be softhearted and hates to see her mom upset. But she needs to know that her mom in in a self-destructive mode and that she needs help. Good luck. This is never fun.
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