My nephew is out of state along with his mom and sister - I am the loan care provider for my father and mother and have POA on father and Guardian of my mother . My mother is in a Dementia ward of a nursing home and my father will no doubt need to be placed in an assisted living within a years time $$ not there to have nurse 24/7 in his home and my goal is t move both to a wonderful facility very near to my home. - My question is I mentioned to my nephew about the possibility of moving my father (when it becomes necessary) and he said I need to discuss it with him. ! ughh he has offered help but he is 2 + hrs away and help, i need will be immediate and I cant "wait" till he gets here and what will he be willing to run back and forth to help NO - I can assume that since I am POA and Guardian he has no say over the care I decide for my parents especially since they are my parents and only his grandparents - ADVICE?????

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Well, you can discuss it with him, but the thing that is important is if your parents will be where they can get the best care. Do you have both financial and healthcare POAs for your father? If he is not competent, then the decision will be up to you. If your nephew suggested a better option, then I would listen. If not, I would go with what I knew to be best.
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I can understand that his mother would be concerned about her brother but I don't see that the nephew has any legal ground whatsoever to challenge a placement for your father.

If you want to maintain good relations, you could listen to his opinions, but I wouldn't rely on him for any long term care provisions. It may be easy for him to think that he can be helpful, but if your father needs help in a winter snow storm, you can't wait for the nephew to wait for the roads to clear so he can come and help. And you'll never know if that might or might not happen. It has to me.
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