Help I think I'm going mad trying to help my mum with Alzheimer's.


Trying to help my mum with Alzheimer's. Mum lives in a house that belongs to my brother He keeps telling me I have to do as I'm told becouse it's his house. He won't let mum pick her own food. Or her dogs food he doesn't visit much but tells me when I can go and when I can not I put up two pics of dad mum loved them he took them down. I put up a pic of her new grandchild. He took it down. I can not take my tiny dog whe she loves to see becouse it's his house. I can only stay over when he says I can I have to ask him first. Her grandson my son can only go when he says so. I want her to have day care go in he says no not having strangers in. I'm trying to get her into shelterd housing to get her out of there. Am I over reacting.There is much more I have tried to talk to him he won't listen. Is this abuse

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Please I don't want any respons from you
You are not at all welcome to chat with me
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Lanie; We understand that you are distraught, and that you are most likely typing on a phone. But please understand that when people mis-understand what you've written, it's due to typos and error in grammar.

We are NOT cruel and accusatory. Really. Not like that. But you need to work with us and write prose that is understandable. This is a two way street, dear.

Hope you are well.
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Believe me, at least I have read every single word.............the one who is not reading and is not making much sense is you, I'm afraid.

THERE IS HELP here, but you need to allow others to help you.

You came here voluntarily and willingly, hoping for good advice.

You got it and now you are not happy..........................


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I have decided not to continue
With this becouse your not reading what I'm put ing
This is no help to me
All the unkind things is my brother saying not me what a wast of my time this is
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It's not me that said that about my mum please read what I have put
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I have read answers to what I have said but feel what I'm putting is not read correctly
Mum lives in a house of my brothers on her own
I am the only one that does any caring for her in our family
I live 20/25 mins away
They are 5 mins away
I ring every day I don't get there
But I ring anyway every day
They bring food in without asking what mum wants she has capasaty
No prob with dads pics very loveing couple married 50 years
He says mum doesn't clean just sits stuffing her face that she smells
This is not said kindly
No matter what I say do
He is rude to me
He DOES not want mum to have outside help at all
I do she needs it
He does not want to pay from her Money for this care
My brother has POA over her money ONLY not her health
Him his wife his son do nothing to help mum in any way give her no choice in what she eats can pick nothing for her home
It's my brothers house and mum is a guest in it but as no choice or decision in it
He lives somewhere else
I hope I now make myself clear he works away never tells he's going does not ring he sees her mabey once in a couple of weeks
This time she as not seen him in 4 weeks is this a caring son
In our family
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This is a duplicate post. The other is under Questions: "How can I get my mum into sheltered housing." The OP is more current in her replies there.
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I still don't know why is mum at brother's house? Why?

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"And had I taken my tablets" ... what does this mean? What tablets?
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Just an observation- if you want to talk about "unkind" - how about you saying that your mom "does nothing just sits all day and stuffs her face". Really? Your last post is so full of hostility and accusations it makes me wonder if this is more about how you feel about your brother than your mother. Just maybe brother is as concerned about you as you are about him? Sorry if I'm being harsh but I'm calling this one as I see it.
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