My dad fell backward onto concrete May 2009. Since then my brother has seized control of his assets and very substantial monthly income. Prior to the fall, my brother, his wife and three kids, had no income and lived in a trailer. Now he has used my dad's POA to buy a large home to house himself and family.
We are now embroiled in a Guardianship case. They live in MO and I am in WA. I am asking for a third party administrator to act as Guardian and Conservator as I feel my father is being exploited and none of his money or 100% Veterans Disability is being utilized to assist him with his rehab and occupational therapy. I was advised to ask for a third party administrator as I live over 2300 miles away.
In the meantime, my father is prevented from having any contact with me or other family members without going through extreme duress which causes him to experience mental and verbal confusion, fear and sadness. Ultimately, I have had to get a court order just to visit with my father and each visit has been dampened by some rude and unexpected interruption by my brother.
At this juncture, the judge is attempting to make a determination on what would be the least restrictive environment for my father. We feel fairly confident that we have scored high on the financial side as my brother has exhibited rash use of my father's money and has been irresponsible himself financially by not filing Federal or State taxes in over 20 years and is also claiming welfare benefits from MO. However, in MO the Guardianship and Conservatorship is addressed separately. Given that my father has dementia and brain damage which has severely compromised his ability to care for himself, would not the least restrictive environment be in a nursing facility where he can get his occupational and rehab care, see old friends and family and generally be the same happy soul that he once was? In December, I visited him at a nursing facility where my brother placed him while I was in town to prevent me from coming to the house. My dad was happy and gregarious, flirting with the nurses and more cognitive than I have seen him in a long while. Conversely, when I attempt to speak to him on the phone at home or visit him in his home, he was pale, frightened and nervous; unable to have a great deal of coherence, doubtless due to the mental badgering he was receiving at the hands of my brother. I have spent thousands of my own dollars and over six trips (7th coming up) to attempt to protect my dad's welfare and estate from this greed. It truly seems to me, that his best interests would certainly be served by being surrounded by peers and caregiveres that are interested in his stories and his health; not his checkbook. Please help!

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