She has medicare B,D and Medicaid.and Medicare A, of course. There is a ledge at the floor that serves to keep water in the tub, but is hard for her to step over. And the crowded condition makes it very hard for me to help her effectively.

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Very nice remodel! Thank you... I found out this afternoon that because it is my house and not my mom's own house, there may not be any assistance available for remodels. I can understand their point of view. They don't want a privilege abused by people. Mom has the Medicaid waiver program that allows mom to get Medicaid coverage without any deductible or spend-down portion. I am grateful for that... and Upcap pays for all her home health help. We are blessed.
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Contact her Medicaid case worker. In this state it is possible to get some financial assistance with certain type of accessibility improvements. The worker will know or can research what might qualify.

For a description of a bathroom mod that proved very helpful for using it and cleaning it, see if you can get a copy of Treasures in the Darkness by Pat Synder. Her goal was to extend the period her husband could remain at home and not need a care center. Her facebook website also has pictures of the small ( 8 x 11) bathroom. The remodels may be more extensive than you have in mind, but the ideas are worth seeing.
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