Has anyone felt like that most people proud of themselves for taking care of loved one why why do I just feel like a dirty rag always scrubbing claenninup everything and never feeling good about urself anymore. Not good feeling has anyone ever felt this way?

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I feel like a dirty old bucket, or worse yet the nasty rag inside of it, almost every day. It is not a glorified job. It is really just maintenance. There are two things to point out, though. A bucket and rag are more useful than a tiara and robe. And things fall apart if the maintenance man misses a day of work, while no one cares if the company president disappears for months.

Still I get angry anytime I am scrubbing the bathroom. I feel like a lone person covering for the laziness of the world around me.
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Sort of like we are Cinderella, but don't get the glass slipper and the prince in the end??? ya, I feel like that sometimes.... I look in the mirror and see how much I have aged... the stress makes my skin an odd color.... and I never wear make up anymore.... I would only sweat it off.... and make up and sweats are not the prettiest sight either.....with fuzzy slippers that the 'fuzzy' has been long gone.... sure, probably most of us feel this way.... no matter what our state of mind, our perception of our lives, our aching backs and a closet that hasn't seen anything new in ages.... all of that and more... and you are not alone.... just don't loose your sense of humor....

Wish AC would have a picture thread, that we could all do a selfie of our outstanding lives..... but we probably wouldn't be able to tell ourself from others...... we probably all look somewhat alike..... so know you are not alone, and find one thing during your day to be grateful for... sending one Cinderella a hug from another Cinderella...
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I just remembered the last time I wore 5 yr old nephew looked at me funny and said "Hey Aunt Bonnie? Where did you get those eyelashes?" He's a HOOT!
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I sold my home, quit my career and started caring for my A1 narcissist mother (Parkinsons & dementia) in 2009 and from day 1 was literally housebound. She's been in a nursing home since November/13 and, until she had another stroke 3 months ago, was screaming at me down the phone most days and I frequently had to run down to the NH to sort out some chaos she was causing. I bought a dilapidated cottage on 2 acres and have spent the last year "in recovery" while I fixed it up.

I've aged terribly, bloated, scruffy and need to wash my hair as well but I'm starting to feel better now. The past few days I've been laundering everything in sight and shampooing the rugs. 2014 is my year to rebuild my life..
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Hi sandy and oh yes, funny you brought this up as my new years resolution is to smarten myself up and get out more? I told my friend that i hadnt washed my hair in 2wks she was horrified then I realised yes maybe that is a bit much and had to admit to myself that ive let myself go big time!
So tomorrow is the start of my detox lose a stone and dress up a bit more as this is not ME even my sister made a comment about me not bothering to wear makeup when we went shopping?
I guess this job SNEAKS up on you and if I dont nip this raggidy ann in the butt NOW I will end up a baglady.
Ive just asked a guy out (im still shaking) never asked a man out in my life!! Now the long wait for the phone to ring!!!!!!!!!
I can hear Jessebelle laughing!!
Yes ive decided to take 2014 by the horns and just go for it i can go on like this OR change something?
I have motivation now to lose weight lucky im not overly fat just bloated from stress and worry and wheat so I reckon ill have slimmed down if and when he gets back to me.
Im taking no more crap from mum and walk out the door when shes in one of her moods YEP this year is about me my health and my happiness.
I cant believe ive asked a man out its so exciting and nervewrecking but ive done it and so what if he dosnt like me ill ask another one out!!

Have eaten my last chocolates from xmas and had a bath and facial! Feel ok but once i can put jeans on and not feel bloated ill be getting back to me!

Watch this space! OH GOD i hope he dosnt think im a nutjob!!! Maybe I am?

My advice is too make the effort to feel good this job STINKS and i mean that literally!
I will now wash my hair at least once a week maybe twice?
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So much love flying around who could not be happy
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Well, I'm taking my own advice! Brother called, to take us out to dinner. I USUALLY, let's stay in, and I'll cook you a home made meal. Today I said YES, and took a shower and am now........wait for it......putting on MAKEUP! I wish I could send you all a selfie, so you could see how Gorgeous I look (feel). Love to all my evil step sisters!!!! lol!
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Yes dear, most of the time. There are times when I feel good about what I do. I know I am doing my best and I feel like it is Gods will for me right now, but YES! Only a caregiver means it literately when they say they are having a sh*tty day.
I know it's easier said then done, but try to find the time and energy to fix yourself up, and go out and do something that makes YOU feel good.
I think the BEST thing about this site is.....sometimes you just need to hear, "I hear you and I understand". Well girl I DO hear you and I DO understand. I hope your day gets better.
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That crazy old broad LaddeM was typing at the same time I was. Had I read that first I would have said......." What She said^^^^^'. She is a wonderful woman and has a way of making us all feel better when we need it. Love ya both!
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Love you too Boni...... and yes Veronica, we love you too!!!!!!

And you too JessieBelle and you also Sandy22
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