Any idea how much this might cost? How long does it take? Also, you know how hospitals/nursing homes have some showers where there is no step or should I say that a special type of wheel chair/ shower chair can be? This is a small master bathroom from a house from 1956.. Sorry, I dont have the sq feet.

Because my grandfather is blind, and is barely walking this would make things easier. He is getting to the point he cant walk at all and losing his balance, just today he started to fall back but I was right behind him and thankfully a chair was about 4 inches away! We would have to push him around the house because his arms arent strong to push the wheel chair and.. hes blind.. I dont know if that would work anyways!

Any other ideas?

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Even if you widen the door, a 5x7 bathroom is not big enough to get the wheelchair plus a helping hand into the small space. Your best bet is a commode in his bedroom. A simple cutaway on one wall of the tub would cost you about $1000. But again, you probably don't have the room, I'm willing to bet the toilet would still be in the way. He would be safer in a Nursing Home, with large roll in shower areas, and if two aides are needed, there is room to work.
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Your right, the master is very small, I think your right on the size. He does have another bathroom with the tub, but again, small. Great idea on a cutout on the bathtub. Yes, as you walk in the sink is right there ( in both bathrooms). He uses the "mans medical handheld urinal" when he cant get up but for the other, he refused to use it before. He said its to flimsy, but, Im going to look at that again, thank you for the idea!

Yes, that is the good point of the NH - the big shower roll ins with 2 helpers! Well, I guess my grandfather has to realize his limits and hes starting to get limited. Im going to talk with him about all the ideas. Hes still of sound mind and refuses extra care... He has another Dr appt soon, we will discuss everything then.
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