I just got back from my moms house and she raised up her gown sleeve and there's a big bruise she showed me. I asked her how she got it and she says she doesn't know. Mom is very fair-skinned, as I am, and bruises stick out like a sore thumb.

Mom is accusing the "help" now of stealing from her, saying she doesn't trust her any further than she can see her. Now while I know this is a characteristic of Dem/Alz those bruises are unexplainable and you best best, they will be dealt with.

Now I'm not going into what my plans are, but I will say that I've got some serious work ahead to do!

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Caution! Before accusing the hired help, take your mother to a doctor about the bruising. Easy bruising can be symptomatic of sudden health issues especially if your Mom has never bruised easily in the past. To accuse a care giver of abuse before ruling out health issues is irresponsible. If she has some dementia, there could be a logical explanation such as a fall. If she is still at home, falling and forgetting about the falls - I'd call that unsafe. If it were my mom, I'd move her to a nursing home.

The stealing is another matter completely. My aunt used to go around the house collecting things for the volunteers who call and "have a truck in your area"... then she'd forget she gave it away. She'd call police to come investigate a break in. After my cousin realized she was claiming to miss things like the Hotpoint "ice box" from 194-something, he realized her dementia was getting bad.
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