Mother just won social security disability hearing, and now trying to plan ahead to move her back out on her own with medication administration assistance (mostly in the morning, she usually can take her other doses independently).

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There are many medication systems available. You could try It's a very good resouce that is closely related to Alzheimer's support. If a person needs to administer the meds, then you may have to hire an in-home health agency. However, since your mother is getting disability, this will be easier than for most people. She should get help from Medicare and/or Medicaid. Talk with the people administering her program.

Alert systems are abundant. If you don't have a preference, call around to in-home agencies in your area and see if they have suggestions. Watch for one where you don't sign a contract. You don't want to be stuck paying a year on the service when if your mom goes to a nursing home.

The prices probably won't be all that different, but the contracts may be.

Good luck. Yes, it's of 2much2soon!
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