What should I know about elderly sleeping with eyes open?

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I noticed that 87.5yr old mom sleeps with eyes open at night. It seems to be like a trance that happens happens from time to time. I have heard her whisper to people from her past like her childhood favorite pet. I wonder if this has to do with the many eye operations she has had over the last ten years.

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She may be semi-awake but deep into her imagination/past, or perhaps even a dream state could cause this (just a thought). People do walk in their sleep.
I'd ask her doctor about this. It doesn't seem like this should be caused by eye operations unless she can't close her eyes normally, at all. Try asking her primary physician what he or she thinks. It doesn't seem like anything to worry about, but it's always good to get a medical opinion.
FIRedhead57, ask the staff at Assisted Living to put her to bed. It sounds like that would help.
Here too. This scares me so much. She falls asleep in the chair with one eye half closed, another half opened, her mouth slightly opened and twisted and a very pale skin. I always freak out thinking she died.
I caught her like this twice. First time, I called her and she responded almost immediately, so she was sleeping (?). Second time, same face but very pale lips, I called her and she did not answer. I called her three times and shook her and she woke up. Now I went to see her, she had both eyes opened, pale skin (maybe it's her normal tone) and I called her, she disn't answer, so I touched her, and she closed her eyes slowly...and kept sleeping
A friend just told me this about her husband. He has to be given eye drops because his eyes dry out.
Thanks! Yes, there has been a little sleep-walking ...
My grandmother is 90 and she has had sporadic "spells" where she is in a sleep-like state but her eyes are open - she cannot be wakened during these spells. She does not remember anything when she comes out of them. She was moved to a nursing home last year and these "spells", as her primary doctor refers to them, are getting far worse - some lasting for 5 or more hours and most often during the day - her eyes are always open and she is completely unresponsive. Medical staff state she is not on any medication. There is evidence of short-term memory loss - i.e. did I eat supper? were you here yesterday? who are you? so I am guessing that Alzheimer's or dementia might be a factor. Are the symptoms I am describing related to either disease or state?
LilMsPisces: Sounds real familiar but I am not supposed to discuss diagnosis.
Mother is 90 and starting to have instances where she sleeps for long periods of time but doesn't remember going to bed. Last time she slept 15 hours. The last thing she remembers is sitting in her recliner reading a book, and she woke up 15 hours later laying on her bed, still in her daytime clothing.
Mom is otherwise very alert and functional. I seriously doubt she would agree to allow someone to put her to bed every night. My question is, should we be concerned when these events happen?
Thank you. I plan to keep a log of dates/times these instances occur. We will certainly discuss it with her primary care physician.

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