My mom, 90, suddenly got sick 10 days ago, I found her in bed, moaning, not lucid. She went to the hospital where she spent 10 days in hospital. She was just diagnosed with cancer about a month back. She rents an apartment (which I have to clear out by the 14th of this month)and has no assets. She gets social security check & a pension check every 1st & 3rd of each month - I cannot touch since my name is not on her account - no one else is either. They have moved her to a nursing home but made her 'skilled care' as of now until we can get things in order - she will become Hospice care fairly soon. Medicare is taking care of the bill as of now but will only do so for 20 days. If I try to get guardianship over her, lawyer fees, etc will be about $1700 that I do not have. If I don't have guardianship, and she cannot sign her name to agree to stay in nursing home & let them care for her, what will happen to her? I would like to be able to get her $1400 out of the bank in order to pay off her bills but don't know if I can or should even attempt to. Help! I am overwhelmed and I am the only one in the state to deal with this..

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Sorry you are in this situation; I really feel for you going through this. Try contacting Elder Services in your town; they should be able to direct you. Also, talk to the Social Worker at the Nursing Home and they should be able to help also. I had consulted an attorney for issues with my parents and he did not charge me for the first consultation and I talked with him for an hour. I think a lot of lawyers do that as well.

Wish I could be of more help. Bless you and take care.
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