My mother with AD refuses to comply with the mild ace bandage wrap treatment for her Lymphedema in one leg although it will only be for 2 weeks. The swelling is in one leg, so far, and the treatment is very gentle and effective. She seems to think it’s a tragedy and says she wants to die when they apply the wrap.. Then she removes everything we have tried at the end of the day. Her mobility is threatened without this treatment and she can barely walk some days.

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What approach are you using when trying to get her to comply? If you are new to caring for someone with AD (Alzheimer's Disease) you will quickly learn that what might work one day , will not work the next day. So you will need to be create.

First thing to do, is make it a NON-event. Just get all the supplies you need set up BEFORE you start, put something pleasant on TV or play some soothing music and ask her to "join you" for a cup of tea/coffee/milk/whatever and a cookie/cupcake.

Then let her know (gently) when you start that the DOCTOR wanted her to wear the 'ace bandage'. And start to put it on her. If she resists, APPEASE her and tell her you have to call the DOCTOR and get his concurrence. This might just work since most of our elder won't go against the doctor's wishes.

OK.. if you have to call the doctor's office they should be willing to 'play along' and tell her (over the phone) that she must wear the bandage.

If this doesn't work. Try having her help YOU put the bandage on herself. Offer your help to make it more comfortable after she has a chance to help herself. Sometimes the lack of control (on their part) makes someone else helping them seem unbearable!

I am sure that others will add their experiences here, and I am sure I can add more suggestions, so please look for more answers here.
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