Does a person with early stage Alzheimer’s tire easily and take more than one nap a day or could this be another issue? His physical showed no problems with anemia or thyroid. What else could it be? Are there some solutions? Vitamins?

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Speaking only from my experience, people can tire easily from so many other factors besides Alz….lawn mowing, gardening shopping, and other standard activities.    Sometimes I've been so tired from afternoon gardening that I tired and needed a nap, and this was when I was in my 60's.

From your profile, your husband is only 76.   Everyone begins to slow down at different times, and it may just be that he tires easily, Alz notwithstanding.   Can you specifically correlate his sleeping patterns to the onset of Alz?   

And maybe just feels like sleeping!   

Are there any other issues about the Alz onset that concern you?
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I would question whether or not there is also depression involved? Definitely, I would try to get outside in sunshine in the morning, if possible.
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KathleenQ, I agree with GardenArtist, I know for myself and for my sig-other we just poop out so much quicker now that we are in our mid-70's. We may need Vitameatavegamin [I Love Lucy].

I noticed yesterday when I went out for the first time to do some minor yard work, 20 minutes was my limit. Back when I was in my 50's, I could do 8 hours of yard work with no problem at all.

Yes, it can vary from person to person. My folks use to walk 2 miles every day, come rain or shine up into their late 80's. Yet they with do major napping during the day. It comes with the territory every time we turn the calendar page.
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