My mom is only 46 years old, but she is already going through menopause, (which is young for menopause), but she is becoming unbearable. She constantly yells at my dad and I for the most little of things, she seems so bipolar and it is hard being around her, she is like a child when angered, she throws a fit and starts throwing and slamming things and then finally goes to her room and just gives us the silent treatment. I'm in school and my mom and dad work, so I get home first and then my mom, and the first thing that I always seem to hear from her is "I just hate coming home sometimes" I mean even a couple weeks ago she threatened to leave and never come back home because our house is so "messy" and how lazy I am and how lazy my dad is, I even saw her packing bags.
It hurts so much to think my Mom has no problem up and leaving her own family. My dad and I try to talk to her but she denies everything as if we are the irrational ones. We don't know what to do, she's always been a little hot headed and rude but it's becoming worse very quickly. Is this all because of menopause? Or is it something else? Anything will help!

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Forty-six is a bit early for menopause but not extremely so. And mood swings can be a common symptom.

Is your mom seeing a doctor about her symptoms? (Maybe not, if doesn't recognize she is having symptoms.) That would be the logical first attempt at resolving this.

Try very hard (and this is difficult) not to take this personally. Whatever is causing these changes in your mother, it is Not Your Fault. Even if she lashes out at you she still loves you. The symptoms are getting in way right now.

Hormonal imbalance causes depression in some women. This can be after delivering a baby or during menopause. Again, the starting place for fixing this is to consult a medical professional. I really hope your mom will see her doctor.
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Surprise her by cooking dinner for them. It will be very appreciated.
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