About a month ago, after I was done paying our bills, I had $40 left for the month before groceries. However, when we applied for Medicaid, we were told we were $400 over the limit. My husband is disabled and his supplies and equipment rental costs over $300 a month, not covered by insurance or Medicare.

There is no “spend down”possible for us. We have gone through our retirement funds and CD’s that were supposed to go a lot farther than they did. I am terrified that we will lose our home. The house will not sell. Much nicer houses than ours in our development have been for sale for years. I am stubborn and will not give up my animals to move into an apartment and have to give up my only comfort, my dog.

I’m not sure there’s anything an Elder Law Attorney could do for us. Hubby needs to be in a nursing home, but we can’t afford it.

This is keeping me up nights and I am at a loss as for what to do.

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You can keep your dog if Dr states in note needed for support mental and or physical In regards to apt versus your home sell home for what you can take monies rent apt and buy outright needed medical rental equipment
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