She is 91 and has had 2 strokes in the past she has just had a seizure and has been in the ICU for over a week she is very weak and hasn't been given a lot of nutrients her vitals are stable and she can move around a little bit but her right arm barely moves she hasn't walked or stood in about 5 days should we bring her to rehab, bring her home and have 24 hour care? I'm just trying to see if someone else has gone through this.

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People her age often rapidly lose physical abilities when they’re in a hospital. Rehab can help get them back to where they were before, or maybe close to it. I’d advise having her go to rehab and encouraging her to work with the therapists as much as possible, they can help. Going home won’t result in regaining strength as most of us like to relax too much at home!
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Taking her home IMO is a very bad idea. Let the professional work with her in PT, then consider AL she needs special 24/7 care.
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Agree with Daughter1930; rehab can help her recover while the issue of home vs. a placement can be addressed.

One of the hospitals where I got PT was providing unique therapy to a stroke patient.   I was really surprised to see how well she could do with good, compassionate support.
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