Does anyone have experience with a family council at a loved one's facility?

There have been some cutbacks at mom's memory care facility the past month, and residents and staff are bearing the brunt of it and rumors abound that more cuts are to come although none at the administrative level.

While I'm not eager to lead the March, forming a family council may be the only way to get management to at least respond.

Thoughts ?

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Your perspective, your sense of humour, your understanding of what's possible and what helps - I can't imagine anyone who would do a better job of creating a family council which would HELP support the facility instead of just being angry and antagonistic. Plus you're a long-termer. Plus your mother is a Viking.

Have you put out any feelers?
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Thanks, CM

I felt a bit like Norma Rae this past weekend

unfortunately, the nail that raises its head, often gets hammered

there are some other unhappy family members who may sign on but my sense most are resigned to "it is, what it is"

Some of those that have tried in the past to get management's attention have moved their LO, or sadly their LO passed

The Viking doesn't leave me with many options as she is still a handful and most places won't accept her behavior
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Bring in the news reporters.

Consider a civil lawsuit.
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