Please tell me I am not alone.

Angular chelation out of nowhere, eczema flares. A mess. When one internalizes stress, strange things, no?

My friend ended up in hospital when her dad was dying. For a good couple of days, some kind of E-coli. However you spell it. Hospital staff was asking her what she ate, where she ate, etc. She was always running around, and her body and mind just got over exhausted and couldn't fight off any infection very well. Put her in the hospital.

Stress... isn't it fun?

I found wine.
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I developed a mystery rash. It was down both sides of my torso and on my wrists. Didn’t itch or hurt but it sure wasn’t pretty.

For six months I saw doctors and dermatologist - being sent from one to another as no one could figure it out. Finally, one came up with “Adult On-Set Eczema”. He said it was kind of unusual as I had never had any sort of eczema in all my previous 50 years. Which pretty much told me - that was probably not what the rash really was.

The rash showed up during my fathers last month - hospice was involved, daddy wasn’t doing well and my mother was making matters worse with each passing day.

After my dad passed my hair started to fall out. Yeah - throw in the chronic insomnia and I was a complete mess. Literally and figuratively.
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There is no study ever done that will convince me that stress does not cause cancer. I have seen it too many times with women looking after spouse
skin breakouts are common. I get total body aches and pains. That’s when I know it’s time to go to my GP and get anxiety medication
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I had to have a heart ultrasound, I thought I was having minor heart attacks.

The stress is unbelievable.
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Oh thank you so much so that I am not weirdo. The thing THAT works on angular chelation chelitis is zinc oxide. You look like the the joker, but works. You have in mouth? Orange Listerine. Lemme tell you. You internalize, takes toll.

Thanjs you guys. More than you know.
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I have high anxiety, panic attacks. My stress gets so high sometimes that I get physically sick! I worked in gastroenterology for 11 years and there are A LOT of nerves in your small intestines. That's why alot of ppl have IBS(irritable bowel syndrome). I started reading audiobooks bc it tends to relax me more than reading a book, every night I lay down and plug in my ear phones:)
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PandabearAUS Apr 19, 2019
I have started swimming 3-4 times a week. Very therapeutic
Oh definitely! I don't know what angular chelation is but my psychologist said anything mental is also physical. Mind body health
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cherokeegrrl54 Apr 19, 2019
I think she meant angular cheilitis...which is inflammation and/or cracks in the corner/s of the mouth. My mom and i both get this when in times of great stress....happened a lot to my mom before my dad died waiting for a heart transplant and to me while caring for my husband who was dying from pancreatic cancer...the first 2 months of 1997 were horrible, lost my grandmother, dad and husband in 2 months.....and yes i had a lot of gastro issues, bleeding ulcers etc....

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