My father has dementia. He was a professional person and was always punctual and very aware of time. He will say I go to dinner at 10 meaning 4:50. He gets up at night and tries to get dressed for breakfast because he’s been in bed for an hour and wakes up and thinks it’s morning. I have a digital wall clock on his wall which gives the time, day and date. He has an alarm clock by his bed and he also wears a wrist watch. When he gets up he insists that it’s morning. I don’t know how to help him.

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Thank you for your ideas!
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It’s part of the disease. My mother had no idea what time it was or what day it was. There is no help for it because they won’t retain what you’ve told them. You can show him it’s still dark out and breakfast isn’t ready yet, so maybe he’d like to lie down for a while yet and you’ll call him when it’s ready.
You can also try asking his doctor for a light sedative that may keep him in bed.
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