Trash pickup is just once a week. Husband uses these above products and if left in the trash can, can get too smelly. If I need a diaper pan, what kind do I get?
Sorry to ask such a simple question, but this is my first time at doing this and I'm not sure of what to do. I live in CA where it is very hot.......

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You just sort of have to get used to it, just like children's diapers only a lot bigger! LOL
If you can get him to use the toilet on a schedule or at the most likely times you can cut down on the number of accidents. I keep a step on trash can in the bathroom with a strongly scented deodorizer tucked behind the plastic liner. You can bag each one separately, mom wears a sm/m so I can use those baggies designed for picking up after your dog. Keep your outside bin in a shady spot, it helps. The powder deodorizers for your kitty litter can help too.
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OK you can get sanigenic bins but they are expensive. I do have one but I also find this works equally well for keeping odour at bay.

I use about a 5 gallon bin with a tight fitting swing lid, so not that big and in it I put a black bin liner.

Before I put the liner in however I use a mixture I made myself.

Just straightforward canola or whatever is cheapest and to that I add my favourite essential oils - the ratio doesn't matter because you are not going to use it on your body. I use a geranium and lavender and patchouli mix and I spray it into the bin liner and then rub the bin liner to make sure it is spread over it quite evenly. Have tried all sorts of other methods but I find this works best.

Now you do have to empty the bin regularly and it is essential to keep the tight lid on it but it works. If you are concerned about the general bin smell then double or triple bag it.

My friend has a similar approach but she uses baby diaper bags/ plastic sanitary bags and ties them off after each use and throws them in a dedicated bin which she empties every day so they are automatically double bagged.

Without doubt the sanigenic is most effective but it is also the most expensive by a long long margin and even baby diaper bins are not a cheap option - but then they are made by the same firm
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Jazzy2, to ask a question... go to the blue bar near the top of the screen and click on "ask a question".... now scroll down to Questions, then you will see another "ask a question"... just fill out the form.
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At least she is using the depends! Any suggestions for how to handle a husband who takes a "whiz" or a "dump" wherever he happens to be? This happens mostly at night while he is wandering. I have to inspect the house every morning to find and clean his " surprises." Sorry to take over your post but I don't know how to ask a question on this site. Thanks.
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Jazzy2, I feel for you! Hang in there and reach out the best way you know how to. Gid bless you.
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