My mother is severly underweight and has been for nearly two years. She eats well and has no loss of appetite, yet she gains no weight. She is incredibly weak and dizzy ALL the time and there is not a month that goes by that she does not seem to go through some episode of some kind like a week long battle with diarrhea or pain in an area of her body or she gets a cold. It is always something. Granted, she has her setbacks and that could explain her weight staying so low, but she has seen every kind of doctor repeatedly. She has been tested numerous times for colon cancer. She has had Xrays and MRIs and dark masses have been detected, but they do a biopsy and say its only scar tissue. Could she be slowly dying of cancer, but it just cannot be detected? She must be fundamentally strong because she seems to still keep going no matter what. Anyone been through this?

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Has she been checked for thyroid issues? That could explain the weight problem as well as some of the other issues. If she's seen several doctors and nothing comes up malignant, I don't know what else you can do there, but you may want to check with a holistic doctor who also uses alternative therapies and nutrition. A nutritional deficiency could explain some of this. Be careful, however, to ask for credentials and references, as nearly anyone can say they are a "holistic healer." However, alternative therapies do work for many people when they see a qualified doctor or nutritionist.
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