My mothers 85-90 she needs 24 hr care can't be left alone do to risk of falling.She paces the floor a lot up all night most of the time. If she does sleep it would like be around 2pm midnight. Someone told me she walks a lot up and down and paces the floor a lot so she should be in skilled nursing. I really want something nice for my mother so I thought Assistant living would have been the best choice but I don't really know I can't really take care of her much longer do to her increase of the dementia. So is this true? about the placement for her is skilled nursing?

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Jeannegibbs is right - you should check with your mother's doctor and also your community resources. Some assisted living facilities have memory units for people with dementia, but considering your mother's age and other needs, it seems to me that she may require skilled nursing care.
In many areas nursing homes are excellent (my community has wonderful nursing homes), so try not to think that ALF is good and skilled nursing homes are not "nice."
Do talk with the doctor and check resources very soon. Your mother needs help and you won't be able to do this much longer. For her sake and yours, it's time for a change.
Take care of yourself, too.
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In the last three weeks (since you first asked this question) have you discussed it with her doctor? Have you found an ALF that accepts Medi-Cal and discussed it with them? Have you toured any nursing home and discussed your mother's needs with them? How about memory care facilities?

I'm afraid you'll have to do some research of what is available in your area, and also get professional input on what her needs are.

If her dementia is worsening it may be that she couldn't continue in AFL even if she qualifies now.
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