My father has recently become a triplegic due to an illness he's had 40 years. My brother and I are being told his girlfriend has poa which is fine except for the fact it appears she and family are not letting us in loop. We feel they have a paranoia we may put him in a home which is simply not the case. We simply want and feel we have the right to know. Now we r being told by girlfriend not to ever call and she would call police if I show. Father is on heavy meds and we have good relationship with him. My brother, myself, and my child r most immediate. Don't we have presidence over other family? And do I have the right to demand proof of poa?

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While you do have the right of proof of the POA, you don't have presidence over the girlfriend who has the POA for it puts her in charge. I don't know the laws where you are, but in my state the durable POA must be filed with the register of deeds and often can be viewed online from the county register of deeds web page. The girlfriend cannot keep you, your brother or your child from seeing your father unless she has valid grounds for a restraining order.

I have both durable and medical POA for my mother which my step-dad does not like but his health and thinking are not up to responsibilities like this.

I hope you can get this resolved.
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