I sold my home to my to my grandson and his live in lady ,they let me stay here for nothing in a mother apartment, they paid only what I owe, am I a deduction for her. plus ahe paid 22000.00 in reverse interest. or I would have lost home. Can she deduct these things because I am on food stamps and ss only. and way under what the law says only 1200 per month, they don't even take money from me for rent. she makes good money but has no deductions. can you answer this

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bigfrank, your grandson's girlfriend will need to sit down with an income tax preparer to see what she can and cannot deduct. If she is paying more than half of the expenses for you to live in the home, she might be able to list you as a deduction. Curious does your grandson pay for your housing/food, too?

If you are living with someone that *makes good money*, I am surprised that you were able to obtain food stamps. But then again, each State has their own qualifications and rules.

That $22,000 that you had owed and someone else had paid it for you, the IRS might look at that amount as *income* because it was debt that was wiped off even though it isn't in your pocket.

Again, you all need to check with the IRS.
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If you sold it to them for less than market value, you just made yourself ineligible for Medicaid. You also declare the income from the sale on your taxes. If you are on food stamps, you stated on the application that you are NOT someone's dependent. So you do your own taxes, separately, and you may have to pay back the food stamp money, because the sale of the house boosted your income level. So sorry.
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