Does this seem to accompany hearing loss with or without dementia?

Dad's always had hearing loss issues (coupled with a genetic tendency to get tons of earwax) and now he seems to be hearing more and more what he describes as background "buzzing" and/or white noise. This truly interferes with his ability to hear us and we have to be in the room, facing him or speaking clearly, enunciating slowly, for him to grasp what we are saying to him.

He also seems to mumble when he speaks to us and I have difficulty understanding him. Is that pretty normal also?

My husband and daughter will continually reprimand me for "always yelling at him". I have explained--and learned to do so calmly because both of them have hairtrigger tempers (SO much fun when you're the #1 main caregiver)-- that what I am doing is not yelling; I am making the attempt to enunciate each word carefully and in a louder voice so that he can better comprehend me.

Duh!!!! They're finally starting to comprehend why I speak to Dad the way in which I do. With Dad losing his temper and yelling at me when he gets anxious--and this happens at least 4-5 times a day--and the two of them chiming in with their reprimands it makes things....very wearying. 3 bossy people hovering over me.

That is why I meditate! I have to summon calmness, mindfulness for myself every day by reminding me that none of them realizes the stress and pain it causes me.

Anyone have these experiences? I'd LOVE to hear from you!

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NancyH, I haven't spoken yet to dad's MD about this but as dad NEVER bathes unless under huge insistence from us and always under duress, with horrid combative behavior, I'm pretty sure it isn't water! But thanks for your input! I totally get how it must be really annoying. Has it dissipated for you? Sure hope so! PS-love your motorcycle! you go girl.
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What does his doctor say? I don't have hearing loss as a problem, but lately I've been having this 'white noise' sound also. Turned out to be water in my ear. Didn't stop my hearing exactly, but is REALLY annoying.
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