I love the people in my Dad's NH but last night I went to visit at 6:20 PM. I like to go at that time occasionally because the patients in the Activity room with him seem more alert then. I will say that I go every few days. My schedule is never the same day or time. I treat each patient like they are my own family. So.... Dad is usually in his wheelchair at the table. He likes to stand occasionally so he is positioned so that he can't fall. He's walked every day. He doesn't walk well and the person walking him more or less holds him up, but it's exercise. I know the Dementia is winning the battle. He's 96 and I see the downward spiral in his condition. He sits in his chair and takes short naps daily. He is a silent aspirator. On pudding pureed food and liquid. He has trouble swallowing. Last night he was in bed when I arrived at 6:20. A bug is going around so I thought perhaps he caught it. Off to the nurses station I go. Passed by his room and the door was half closed and it was dark. Asked the nurse why he was in bed. Well, because he was sleeping in the wheelchair and it is dangerous, he could fall out. ????? He does this all day. He has dinner at 4, and gets back to the activity room around 5. Now here is my concern.... Being a silent aspirator food or drink can pool in his throat. His muscle tone for swallowing is very poor. So... In essence, he was put in bed for about 14 hours. Laying pretty much flat. I know that end stage Dementia will have them in bed..... But I don't think he's at that stage yet. I don't want to show my authority to them and be wrong! This has been my go to page.... The people on this page are better than anyone else... We're all going through the same thing. Any advice will be appreciated!

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My mom has GERD and often coughs at night. It is weird, because she doesn't cough in the morning even though she goes back to bed immediately after breakfast and stays there until lunch time. I do worry that she will aspirate when she starts coughing, but one of the reasons I keep her home with me is so that she can be allowed to make her own choices, and she chooses to lie down in bed. IMO there is nothing sadder than the common room in a nursing home filled with semi comatose residents flopping awkwardly in their chairs. Invest in a wheelchair with a headrest that can be tilted into a comfortable reclining position, or ask that he be allowed to sleep in a geri chair.
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