Dad had spinal fusion surgery 2 yrs ago. Threw him into frontal lobe dementia.
Shortly after returning home after surgery and rehab, he was sure he was incontinent.
For a year he wore diapers and pads and carried on something terrible.
Finally his eurologist took me aside and told me that Dad is not incontinent...he just thinks he is.
Recently I met a young man who had broken his neck 10 yrs ago, was paralized from neck down....but is now walking, etc. When I mentioned Dad's immaginary problem, he said he knows about that, has that sensation also...but because he doesn't have dementia, he knows it isn't true. Said it is from spinal injury.
I am thinking I should take Dad to a different kind of doctor...maybe a neurologist?
Or a shrink?
This sensation is very real to him and he avoids leaving the house for social activities, in fear of embarrassment from leaking....which he isn't.
I am the 24/7 caregiver for both my parents...have moved from out of state to live with them. Feel like a caged bird. But this is the right thing to do for them, they could not make it without me. I read all the posts I can and understand.
Dad also has leukemia and Mom's kidneys are not working well, but she is mentally sharp, can't walk well, uses a walker. You get the picture.
Anyhow, does anyone know about this sensation that Dad has and can you give me some advice...thankyou.

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