I recently visited an assisted living facility that only takes medicaid and almost no available rooms for private pay, which is the opposite of other places I have researched. It seems like a well run, nice place. The social worker there said my mother, who is 87 and has Parkinson's and lives with me currently, would have to get on medicaid first and then they would have space for her. When I called her elder care attorney to start the process, he sounded confused and surprised that this was possible. This attorney has written a book on elder care options with medicaid, so I am confused. He is supposed to get back to me after calling them, but I have not heard in over a week and can't reach either one. Does anyone have experience with community medicaid paying for assisted living?
They have skilled care there as well, which they said she could transition to if needed and then she would need medicaid for nursing homes.

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Find another lawyer who writes a better book. Yes, New York Medicaid will cover Assisted Living, but only if the patient needs assistance with ADL's as documented by her physician. Your mother would have to have under $2000 in assets, including bank accounts and life insurance. His confusion may arise from the fact that she does have assets that you may not be aware of.
Plus she has to be willing to make the move, which is the hardest part. Finally, he may not want to advise you without billing you.
My advice is to work the financials out with a benefits counselor recommended by the facility and be sure there is no fee for that.
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