During meals my Dad chews his food and it sometimes looks likes he moves it into his cheeks. Then he'll take another bite of food and you can see most of what he's already been chewing still on his tongue. He has to be told to drink something, swish it in his mouth, and swallow; but sometimes he doesn't even do that. My Mom says that sometimes in the evening when he brushes his teeth there's still food particles in his mouth. I know this may be over-descriptive (sorry!) but does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?

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When mom was having this problem, the food would stay in her mouth. We had to constantly remind her to chew and then showed her our mouth moving up and down. Then she would do it. Then when we figure it's been chewed enough, we had to remind her to swallow. We just kept repeating,"Swallow the food, mom. Swallow." until she did so. Mom has been on hospice service off-and-on for years. So, in the beginning, the nurses prepared us on what to expect of mom's steady decline into her Alzheimer. They said that she will forget how to walk. And that happened. They said that she will forget how to chew and swallow. And that happened. It got to the point that she started choking on the solid food because she forgot that the food was in her mouth and didn't swallow. Or just plain couldn't swallow food. So, we then started grinding her food. As time went by, she started to choke on that. We then moved to pureed food. Worked for a while until she started choking on that. But throughout this time period, she would forget to swallow the food in her mouth. We just had to constantly tell her to swallow. I'm NOT sure if this is what your father is going thru. But, this was the case with mom. Maybe someone else had a better success than we did!
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