I'm ok and not worried now, but I bet I'm not the only one who has been abused by the dementia and abused by the 'friends' of the patient.
One of my mom's friends called last week and said in a very accusatory tone: I'm confused. your mother always did the right thing healthwise and took very good care of herself. How could she get dementia? I said, you're kidding, right? I explained that my mother's mother had it, and about 4 of my uncles had it. Part way through the explanation I realized what was going on and that i was being accused.

I have been accused of everything and the topic of vicious gossip in my Mom's little town. After 5+ years I have moved my little family back to MY hometown, Los Angeles, and our life is so much better now.

this same idiot individual also told me that 'everybody' is saying that I don't want my mom to talk to anyone. That's tough to hear because of all the unreturned phone calls that I have made to her 'friends' leaving messages for them to call or visit (when we were still in NJ). No one wanted to call or visit, just gripe about me and say things like: she's just here to take all of her mom's $ and blah blah blah.

I could have used some friends big time in the beginning of this fight but there were none. Just idiot enablers. Case in point: mom got into a massive car wreck (no one hurt except my poor mom) and I successfully got mom to realize that she couldn't drive anymore. She was 84 at the time and displaying demented behavior. 2 of her friends worked behind my back to get mom her driver's license again. They couldn't see that she was sick and their motivation was getting one over on me. They had no concept of mom hurting herself or worse, someone else. they just wanted to interfere.
these same idiots helped my demented mom hide assets so when I ran out of my own money caring for mom, I had so much stress finding the resources to continue caring for mom and her falling down real estate in need of massive repair.

These people are still morons who don't understand that mom has dementia. they think that I'm making it up. In the rare instance that they do get on the phone with her, they try to get her upset by trashing me because for so long I was the favorite topic on conversation. So yes, it really is better that she doesn't speak to her friends even though I have always put a call through if it comes.

Not one of these people has ever helped but always hindered. Not one person has ever said to me, I understand and how about if I sit with mom while you go to the store or whatever.

I have lost count of the times I have been accused, lied about....
here's one: the daughter of one of these idiots told me: I know that you tried to take your mother's money and the cops had to straighten you out.

What? These particular people still have stock certificates that belong to my mom and I have asked for them 3 times. They say that they can't find them. Mom told me in a moment of lucidity a couple of years ago that she remembered giving them the certs 'for safekeeping' not to keep forever. I guess I have to get a letter from an attorney..... these people don't understand that that money belongs to mom and not them. We all know how expensive this journey is and to be hindered by this kind of insanity is insane in and of itself.

I truly hate ignorant people.

Things are better here in sunny CA. Now my friends are saying, Yo bob! I'll hang out with your mom and the tv while you go out for an afternoon.

Now Mom likes my friends better than she likes her idiot friends anyway. My friends don't do vicious gossip and have extremely interesting lives so they always have something interesting to talk about instead of spreading lies about other people.

I am curious if anyone else out there has ever experienced such toxic interference. It was devastating at the time and cost my mom and me a lot of money, time and energy as well as almost killing my mom and who knows who else by putting her behind the wheel of a car after her car wreck.

If this happened to anyone else how did you deal with it?

I am obviously still hurt by it and amazed that people could be so stupid.

Thanks for the opportunity to vent.


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With my mother-in-law, she's NOT lying about stuff I do for her, she honestly doesn't remember from moment to moment. It's frustrating when going to her doctor, she says she's fine and has no complaints. He will put her thru a mini memory test, and EVERY dang time she passes with flying colors. I swear it's selective memory sometimes! He doesn't see or hear the stuff she tells us on a regular basis. She has convinced strangers that those really ARE NOT her eye glasses she's wearing, but someone else's. She believes what she's telling them, and that makes it all the more convincing. She had my mom going for awhile till I explained the problems to her. So Bobbie, it doesn't surprise me that the people that know your mom believed her. Unless they're being deliberately deceitful, they might honestly believe that she is being taken down the 'garden path' so to speak. And since you're being accused to causing dementia, why not tell them you also caused cancer?
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I've, and still am, going through some of the toxicity from relatives and friends of the Puerto Rican side of my family (the other is Brazilian). He had a long bout with prostate cancer, and while taking care of him I forgot to take care of myself and dropped a lot of weight. I had such a "gone with the wind" look that rumors began spreading about my chronic drug use, and that the reason I "volunteered" to take care of him was because I needed his money to keep getting high.

My parents divorced in 1964. My three sisters stayed in NYC; I, the only boy, went to the Amazon with my father. I was the spitting image of my Dad, and Mom couldn't possibly keep something that reminded her of someone she hated. Still, he wanted to make sure every one of his children received his/her patrimony.

His entire Brazilian family, who had lived on about 2,900 acres for almost 100 years, had handed down the land from generation to generation to the eldest male. I would, then, continue this tradition. Still, Dad provided for all his children quite well and no one had ever done without. ... Except my three Puerto Rican sisters, whom my mother deprived of their share of Dad's estate because "she didn't want any charity and didn't need a man to survive." Mom returned his money orders as well as unopened letters and birthday cards to my sisters that included money. Well before he got sick, he drafted a Living Will & Testament that didn't include my three sisters because that's how my mother wanted it. Dad, however, left plenty of money with me for my three sisters so they could "grieve in style."

After returning from South America two weeks later, I contacted my sisters to come pick up their money. They were at my doorstep half an hour later. Each one received about $75K as well as the unopened letters and birthday cards my mother returned to him out of spite. My mother had brainwashed them all these years, so they grew to resent -- if not hate -- my Dad for "abandoning them and not sending a penny for child support." Pot after pot of coffee, tears dripping on the pages, they read every last letter and birthday card.

Completely left out of the Will, my mother retaliated by spreading vicious lies about my drug use, told my wife that I was cheating, told me that my wife confessed to her our twins are not mine, pinned every large scar on her body to my Dad rather than her drunken part-time "husbands," turned old friends and neighbors into my enemies, and went as far as claiming that I also physically abused her just as my father Did. There was absolutely no proof to all of this, but they believed her. My wife and I requested we met at her house along with her circle of friends so we could cross the "t"s and dot the "i"s. She refused, so we showed up and she didn't open the door. A couple of days later my wife and I were picked up by the police in the middle of the night for "menacing" her with a machete and a baseball bat. The consummate actress, even the police believed her. She was given an Order of Protection, so my wife and kids couldn't even come near 100 feet from her. Sending her mail was also construed as harassment -- even a Xmas card. ... Now, at 77, she claims no one comes to visit and no one cares about her; and told me to forget she was my mother. "I almost have," I responded.

All in all, my sisters continue to side with her. To them, my Dad was an abusive cockroach with money who deserved everything he got. All four of them now have a common objective: getting me to sell the property he left. It'd require the eviction of the entire extended family, but they don't care. I have two words for them: NEVER HAPPEN. Also, my heart and my home are no longer open for inconsiderate, selfish, greedy, and parasitic people who only care about themselves. It doesn't matter whom, it doesn't matter where, but that kind of stress is not an option for me. When all is said and done, I've done the best I could with what I had, my conscience is clear, and I don't owe anything to anyone.

Take care of yourself Bobbie, and try to stay balanced.
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you guys are wonderful. naheaton, very funny. yes, I'm a carrier.

Secret Sister, thanks for all that writing.. you and I have shared the BPD, which is awful as we both know only too well.

thank you all for some great suggestions and comfort. I am grateful for all of your knowledge and experience.

SS, I know what you mean with the fact that they are very charming and can convince people of anything.

Mom was inside this gossip circle and I know that must have something to do with it all because I did alter the circumstances so these people did not have free access to her. When I got there I realized quickly that she could be just fine and we were all getting along, then one of these people would call her and she would whisper and start to act out. By the time she got off the phone she was a beast and would stay that way for the rest of the day. This interferene peaked on my mom's birthday in 2008. It's been almost gone since.

She would also give me the never ending evil eye. In the beginning it took over 18 months before she smiled at me.

there's a lot of laughing here now. I will grab one of mom's feet and wiggle her toes and ask her if these are her piggies. That makes her giggle like a two year old. that and telling her every once in awhile to go get some beer. Neither one of us drinks these days but it's funny to see the look on her face when I say How about some beer? today we feasted on Chinese food and watched the Modern Marvels marathon.

Her friends don't get that she's someone you would play peek a boo with and grab her piggies. It is amazing that someone would get blamed for causing dementia. It's actually kind of funny now that I know I'm not alone. thanks again naheaton!

I guess that it is the natural thing for some people to want to believe the worst about those of us who are responsible for our parents.

I would like to send pictures but everytime we pick up a camera mom goes from pleasant to pathetic. Unbelievable. I'll have to sneak a pic!

I was never able to get her on video being 'extreme' but enough people have witnessed the behavior. I did get video of the house stuffed full of the fruits of hoarding before I fixed it. thankfully I don't have siblings to argue with. Man that would punch the ticket.

thank you for the suggestions and stories and I look forward to seeing how many others surface that have been unfairly accused/abused.

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While you and your sisters intentions were admirable and unselfish, maybe it's time you'all DO move on. You know the saying 'familiarity breeds contempt' which is what this sounds like.
Could it be that the stress of living with someone who is so negative and mean spirited is adding to, or even causing some of your illnesses? I am so glad that you'all stuck together with taking care of her though, but now it may be time to all stick together again by moving out of her little house and leaving the negativity behind.
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Bobbie, I have been dealing with my husbands sisters and cousins for the last 14 years. They don't come visit, rarely call, send over the counter pills in which she has to be monitored with, have called the cops on me, turned me into the office of aging, ( I just had a state trooper here yesterday), it just goes on and on. I am so sick of them because they don't call and ask us anything. Their mother has dementia and endlessly talks me down to her daughters for attentiion. It works for her cuz she tells them I'm trying to kill her, keeping her meds from her and so on. Yet not a one of them helps. But they sure know how to cause endless problems. My husband is aware of all this and his answer is " don't let them get to you"! I have my own family and I have to take care of my kids too. I am very bitter anymore towards my husbands family. My health has suffered, and my state of resentment is in overdrive. I know u can't help but for all those that have circumstances like this , my heart goes out to them. And because of it all, I would tell anyone out there " Don't Ever Take on Your husbands Mother, Especially when he has ignorant sisters. Oh and let me just add, His one sister works in a nursing home and has told us time and time again she won't take her own mother. She'd place her in a nursing home. Hows that for a so called loving daughter that can do no wrong. Also the other sister stole her dads identity 15 years ago and maxed out over 25.000 dollars. Nice hah! My mother in law still waters a flower basket her daughter sent last thanksgiving . they're deader than dead but she thinks they're beautiful. God help me cuz i don't know how much more i can take from these idiots. Thanks for ur shoulder. I'llbe crying for along time.:((((
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Actually....if you are taking care of your mother...and she has what me and my brother did...get a power of attorney to handle your moms finances. The money goes to the care taker...and the care taker is suppose to use that money to care for the person...i.e. my mothers money buys her medications, buys her special foods she likes, buys her depends....ect. And if there is $5-$10 left LORD forbid you use it for something....I am sorry you need to go through this...its a very hard job to care for your mom...not only physically but I am having trouble dealing with the fact that mom is unable to do these things now. Tell them people to blow it out their ear and if they were friends they would try to help instead of hinder...tell them to stop lying on your or you will notify an attorney about pressing charges....they dont have to know if you are serious or not.
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naheaton, I say you KNOW what you're looking at. What a great sense of humor!

my mom passes mini mentals with flying colors, too. But when taken to a 4 1/2 hour Geriatric Assessment Clinic evaluation, she didn't pass at all. The team of Physician, Social Worker, Nurse, and Pharmacist said she rang every mental illness bell. Mom told them I caused all her problems, and that her children (sis and me) were the reason she acted the way she did. How incredible that we could make her abuse us! She threw my little sister down the stairs, who said she tried to kill her. They said Mom needs a Psychiatrist (but he was more incompetent than my mother!). They also said mom will get much worse. Don't want to go to that picture show!

We second-guess ourselves, hoping someone will back us up. I say, trust your instincts. Use a video recorder with sound, and send a copy to unbelievers. Ha! Send along a bag of popcorn and some juju fruits. Invite the whole neighborhood, or play it at a family reunion. Now there's a novel idea.
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I'd totally forgotten about those mini-mental test the doctor gives. My mom passes those all the time too yet she will ask me what day is today 15 times a day.

The recorder is a good friend though I agree. About 7 months ago I just said that I was going to save my moms messages and they are some dozzies!!! I'm saving some now as well. Sometimes when she starts telling me how good my sister is to her, it's all I can do to keep from playing those msgs where she talks about how they neglect her. But I don't.

That was a good one about the cancer naheaton, classic. I'm still laughing!
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shame of being a lost, almost orphaned person, about five years ago, I realized she did the best she could; if I ever wanted forgiveness I better be able to give it. She immediately made me her health care p.o.a. Mom told me sister slapped her, yelled at her, scolds her and left her at the emergency room for three hours. At first I was honored because she so clearly favored my sister. But even after showing up for Mom, she started telling a long lost relative the worst thing I did when I was 15 years old--I'm 59 now, embellished it and made it sound worse--I took the family car for a joy ride. Hmmm. Then she had a fall and broke her wrist. My sister who lives 15 minutes away (I Iive 50 miles away) can't even talk to me unless she talks down to me and won't cooperate or assist because she is "too emotional to see mom like this." She's shown up once in 3 weeks, at night to drop off food when I wasn't there, but calls, grills me and clicks her tongue because she was a nurse practitioner (nurse Jackie more like it). Our family meets the dysfunctional family definition in wikipedia--perfectly. Yesterday, at Christmas, I asked sister when she would bring mom home so I could coordinate with the caregiver. She said, "that's not our problem." Writing's on the wall.
So, what do I do? Get a video camera, witnesses, an attorney, or just walk away? When I walked away before it was to save my life, but I had a nagging sadness that nobody cared. Now, it may be the best thing because I wonder why should I put myself through this, again? There was never any emotional bank balance to begin with and maybe this was just a hopeless dream to redeem a horrible experience. Now that the true care-taking is beginning, it looks like it's going to be really bad. I don't need it! It doesn't have to be this way, but it is. Maybe they deserve each other!
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My mother in law used to accuse her brothers wife of causing his dementia, said its because she told him what to do all the time, and if she would let him speak his own mind and quit telling him when to go to the bathroom he would be fine. I reconized it as her compansating and taking care of him due to his progressing dementia. My mother in law was a wonderful woman, she just had denial over her brothers disease. Now a few months ago he has passed and his wife has had a stroke, and she had built her own space onto our home. After being in a nuseing home for 3 weeks she decided she cuoldnt stand it and her funds would quickly deplete and she would have nothing left in a couple of years, so since I am a c.n.a and am home now and willing to, she spent a fraction of what a year in the nursing home would have cost her and built her own small bath,small bedroom, and small living area. We have 5 kids and she never had any, so she wanted her own space. We thought what a perfect solution, we also live in a small town and were the center of all the talk and accusations. The most painful thing was, most of them came from what we thought was our friends. The weekend her room was done and she moved in I had a big blowup with the 2 women in our group of couple friends. The source, one of them who's mother was my aunts house keeper. She(the so called friend of mine) was claiming that my aunt had told her mom, that we were chrging her 500 dollars a month to live with us. It was a lie the housekeeper has denied saying it and also my aunt, and it just didn't fit. But I guess in this little circle in the senior housing apartment where my aunt had lived previous to her stroke
, which by the way, none of the people in the circle ever visited her she was all alone there. They were all just a bunch of gossipers, claiming we were only doing it for the money( what money?) And only so she would build onto our house, it was her idea. And many other things about us that were so far from the truth, I was shocked, you hear of people being accused of this, you think how awful those people are to take advantage of an elderly mom,dad,family member. you never stop and wonder if it is true. You never think someone would ever accuse you of that. Well I guess they do,and I will take more caution now in believing it when someone is accused, it may be that they are just a caring person and other people have nothing better to do than create drama. By the way the girl that started all the drama,whose mom was my aunts housekeeper,told me to my face that she had been angry with me,ever since our family moved into a bigger nicer home and out of a trailer home 3 years ago. So by my aunt adding onto it to make it bigger it pissed her off. (Jelousy and childeshness) I should have known.
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