My friend is through the Washington state COPES program, and hired a woman throughout the end of this month. I am trying to help an acquaintance. Well . . . she walked out . . . after being confronted by stealing the rest of her money through the debit card she gives her to purchase food.. She needs help, any kind of volunteer help, where can she get it. she hasn't been outdoors for 8 years DSHS FOR WASHINGTON STATE SAID THERE IS NOTHING SHE CAN DO? REALLY?? THIS WOMAN IS LICENSED THROUGH THE STATE, AND SHE STUFFED HER DISPOSAL FULL OF PLASTIC GLOVES. Any advice that I can give my acquaintance. First off the caregiver she hired has mental issues, and obviously someone stealing your debit card three times. The tune of $180.00 Does anyone have any advice. Or, does anyone live in Snohomish County Everett, willing to volunteer for a lovely woman that is a bit picky, but she is working on it, but truly, if you anyone lives in Washington State in Snohomish county and knows of a volunteer agency.. She needs at least 2 hrs Thursday and 2 hrs on Friday email me or private message me ok? I know that everyone has crisis of one kind or another, but I do not physically have the time to assist her. I am working 15 hours, then driving up to that massive slide on an outreach that I agreed to do. I cannot cancel my obligations. For those of you that do not live in washington state

I know it is not my responsibility to give her aid, but I feel awful for her. I told her this woman was up to something, the first time she used her debit card. She had more excuses. The sad part. This client patient, is through a state care giving agency called C.O.P.E.S. and they provide a certain percentage of their care giving cost. Here is the bad part. The maximum amount anyone can make that is certified under the C.o.p.e.s. program is $10.55 per hour, and that is low for what most of these people need. So . . . she has $5.00 left in her account due to this theft, and now, I told her not to pay her at all, since she was going to write her a check and I said not to. It is not due to her until the 31st of March, and she needs to produce a time card which she has yet to do. This woman from hearing one side of it appears to have severe mental issues, and you know whose debit card you are using, i

Thank you for any advice on where to send her.


PS In December this woman was into shock then aroma for a week and some sort of shock, that lead to 1/3 of her blood supply in her stomach, and she almost died She has NO FRIENDS, AND UNFORTUNATELY WHEN YOU STEAL YOU LOSE FRIENDS, AND YOU SHOULD PAY A FINE, she just drove away to go with another client that is richer and can pay her $30.00. I wonder how many things she is stealing there? Great wah i


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I'm sorry that your friend had such a bad experience with a caregiver. I'm assuming the caregiver was independent and not hired through an agency?

Maybe the problem lies in the screening process and the fact that you are requesting another caregiver on a website full of people you've never met leads me to believe you might want to be a little more selective on who you interview and approach about being a caregiver. Not that we're all not nice people, we are, but we are all already caregivers and your post is probably very juicy and inviting for someone who may not be trustworthy. That you are desperate for help and the need is urgent are signals to someone who may not have the best of intentions. I understand that your friend has been left high and dry but careful selection is a must when hiring a caregiver. You've already discovered what can happen when proper screening and background checks aren't done. Since you asked for advice here's a piece: hire a caregiver through an agency. An agency will have done the proper screening on its employees and their caregivers will be insured and bonded.
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Thank very much for your honesty and truthfulness. It is very much appreciated more than you know.


Deborah L. H.
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sorry folks, how now, that I have done it do I get my old phone number out of there, I pressed a key on my computer and boom. (I need to stop and smell the roses). T r u l y.
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