I've suffered from depression and bipolar., my mother is 82, dad is 89. My sister whose husband just died has POA. My mother is very strange and no one wants to be around her, so I'm responsible. My father idolizes my sister while they both criticism me. I do almost everything for them but never receive any kind of acknowledgement. It's extremely stressful. My sister is also very wealthy while I am not and my dad has divided everything equally. I'm stressed, have been symptom free for the past, 2 years and feel I should have more financial control. I also need more support from my sister. How do I handle all this?

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Welcome, SarahHart. I read your profile. Does you father live in assisted living with your mother? or is he living separate? Are there certain things you do for your parents? Let us know more and people may have some good advice.

I had trouble with the thought that my parents didn't trust me enough to choose me as their financial POA. Actually, it would have made more sense, because I am the one who takes care of all of the household business, buys groceries, etc. After 4 years of caregiving, I am actually glad that my brother has financial POA if it is needed. The reason is that my mother is a strong-willed woman who will fight my decisions, but she will not fight my brother. I realize now that this accidentally worked out in my favor. (There are points that make me very vulnerable, but I try not to dwell on the possibilities.)

I wouldn't worry about having financial control so much if both of your parents are in AL. If you do need money to purchase things for them, talk to them or your sister about it. Let us know a bit more so we can understand better.
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