I live in Missouri. Mom is mentally ill and suffers a debilitating back injury. Dad has cancer and Dementia. They can no longer drive, manage their bills or keep personal/business matters in order. They have truly become a full time job. Over the past 3 years I must have stated a thousand times that I'd never charge my parents to care for them but it is getting to be more than I can handle They only get $1,250 total per month. That has never been enough to cover their bills, medical, miscellaneous and personal needs. In the past I have never had an issue covering what they couldn't. In fact, in 2011 I bought the house next to mine for them so I could make sure they got as much help as possible. Now we are to a point that I have had to completely take over 90% of their lives. I am going to quit my job to take care of them to avoid putting them with strangers. Especially with Mom being Bi-polar and a manic depressant. She has this knack of running off anyone regardless of their ability to help. So, back to my question, is it possible to get funded while caring for my parents in their home next door to mine?
P.S. We are located in St. Charles Missouri

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Please read all of the information on this site, from people that are asking the same question. Up in the search site, put Getting Paid. All of the discussions will come up. Never has anyone come back and said that they have found a way to get paid.

You don't state if you are an RN or what your qualifications are for doing 24hour a day work, 7 days a week.

If you quit your job, how will you have retirement for your future.

Also, what if your parents out live you? (That is what happened in our family.) My sister gave up her own life to care for my mother and she died, 18 months ago. Mom is good, though.)

Please read these stories and make certain you have everything in place before you quit your job.
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In Minnesota it definitely is possible to be paid for providing care, by Medicaid. You would work through the agency your county uses and be their employee. They withhold taxes and social security the way any employer would.
1) You would have to be qualified for the work you are being paid for. You may have to go through some training by the agency.
2) Your parents would have to qualify for Medicaid.
3) Medicaid does not pay for 24/7 care at home. At that point it is more economical to use a care facility.

That is in Minnesota. Other states handle things differently. It is definitely worth exploring what is available in Missouri. Start with your state's website.

This just addresses whether it is possible to get paid. Whether it is a good idea to quit your job and devote your life to full-time care of elderly mentally ill parents is another question.
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