I am 60 years old and have severe arthritis in my hips, as well as congestive heart failure and neuropathy from diabetes. I can only walk short distances. I had to retire recently due to my disability. I was lucky enough to get a power wheelchair and scooter for free, however they both need batteries I can't afford to do this by myself and need assistance. I receive $975 a month from my pension and was just approved for social security disability but it will not start until the waiting period is over. Medications and doctor bills take almost all of my income. I have fallen a number of times and really need to get these running. It is hard for me to ask for help but right now it is my only option. Thank you for any ideas or help that you can give.

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I don't know if this'll work, but you or your advocate - social worker, fundraiser from any relevant charity or similar - could try approaching the manufacturers. Good PR opportunity for them, short-term solution for you? Have a look at their websites and see whether they look like the sort of people who go in for social responsibility. Best of luck.
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