My aunt gave power of attorney to her nephew, she is in assisted living. She called from the office and told me he won't let her have a phone, and that he told the owners of where she lives she isn't to let family in without his ok.

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There are messages like this on this forum from time to time. It's always difficult to know what is going on. Seldom, if ever, does the op come back and tell us how they resolved the issue. I think I would call the home and ask them the rules of the ALF. Ask them do they take such instructions from family members and what would constitute the proper authorization. Your aunt may have it mixed up. could that be a possibility?
Do you know her nephew, your cousin? Couldn't you just call him and see what he has to say?
I've never seen or heard of a DPOA that would give a legal right to deny a person from seeing whomever they wanted to. I'm sure it happens. Only a guardian has that right is my understanding. If your aunt just moved to the ALF without wanting to, they may be trying to let her get adjusted before she has visitors to help her settle in. That is often suggested. How long ago did she go in? When did the aunt call in relation to the move in? It would have been nice if the nephew would have worked with the family in making decisions for aunt. He doesn't have to but it would be good to let him know that you want to visit aunt when it is appropriate. Come back and let us know what you find out.
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Dan, we really need to have much more information. Such as, what are the medical reasons that your Aunt is living in Assisted Living? Does she have memory issues?

If the answer is "memory issues", then we know how to guide on this situation.
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