She has lied to me so much I can't tell anymore me she hates me and is more less living up to the image, but I don't know what else to do but have her checked out and make sure.
..I don't understand if she can fool the doctor's cause some of even her long time friends are noticing now the changes in her. I've been dealing with everything alone so I have no family to go to.

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If you call the police and claim that she is a danger to herself or others....they will come out and assess the situation. If they determine that you are correct, she will be removed and taken to the hospital. If they determine that there is no emergency situation they will just go away.

if she is taken to the hospital under and emergency detention ... she will be held for at least 24 hours observation.... but, for a psych evaluation.

perhaps it is time for you to call APS instead?

just tell them you cannot be responsible for her any more and she needs their services to get a placement.
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Has your mother been diagnosed with dementia? Mental illness of some sort?
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