Need general guidance, POA outline, and answers to a few questions regarding insurance and caregivers. He has no assets so he doesn't need estate planning. Txs

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"How to Find an Attorney by Specialty
When you begin your search for an attorney, looking at board certification provides a convenient way to find an attorney by specialty. In addition to the eleven (11) state-sponsored programs, seven (7) non-profit national specialty certification programs are accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) to award specialty certification in specific practice areas of the law.
The boards collectively offer 49 specialization areas and certify approximately 30,000 attorneys. These board-certification programs are highly regulated. Attorneys must follow specific rules concerning how they communicate their specialty certification to the public in advertisements.
Use the Lawyer Legion directory to find a list of board-certified attorneys by selecting a state, then select a specialty area of the law, and then hit the yellow search button. You also have the option of adding a city or zip code to narrow the search even further."


For NJ:
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I am not sure if you need an elder lawyer for that. In my area, 45 minutes South of you, there are no lawyers that advertise themselves as "elder lawyers". I think a well established lawyer can help you. POAs are a simple thing. If you want to do a Caregiver contract, I would think any lawyer can do that. Insurance, not sure if any lawyer could help you there. Maybe better to talk to an insurance agent. If you are looking at Dad getting insurance now, that would be very expensive. I have also heard that a person has to be paying on a policy for 2 years before its effective. Meaning, no one can inherit before that 2 years. Not sure about that but a question to put on your list. Some lawyers will consult for free, others charge for their time.

You leave in an area like mine. To get an "elder" lawyer may mean Woodbury, Cherry Hill. And they probably will be expensive.
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