she has been living with me over 10 yrs. My 2 sisters weren't too happy that mom moved into my home. They would come over to visit and then would start fighting about petty things bringing up the past upsetting my mom. This continued also with upsetting phone calls to my mom. So I told them they were no longer welcome into my home. They were very angry about this, so they chose to call adult protective services twice along with the police dept., which they came out and to find mom was being well taken care of. They constantly call and harass me and also send very horrible facebook messages. The one sister called the police dept. today saying she hasn't seen my mom in quite awhile so the police dept. came to my home to do a well being check up and found mom to be very well. The sister then proceeded to come to my house a short time later, which the police told her not to do, and demanded to see my mom. I told her to get off my property and that she was trespassing, and she proceeded to call the police. I then also called the police and the same officer came to my house and asked me what I wanted to do, so I told him I just wanted her to leave us alone. He proceeded to tell the sister that if she returned back to my house that she would be arrested. Can she do anything to us since I have the POA, such as taking us to court and asking for visitation or anything else??

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Would it be possible for them to meet your mother somewhere to visit? Are you concerned that they might kidnap her if they were with her with you not around? One thing I was thinking that if you're not concerned about them doing something wrong, maybe you could take some time off and let them be together. It sounds like they want to see their mother, but just don't get along with you. How does your mother feel about all this?
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I agree with Jessie, would you be open to them picking her up for the afternoon? It would give you a break, and let them visit with her on their own terms. Only if you didn't believe that they wouldn't do anything malicious or weird like take her to her bank, or try to change her POA, Will, etc. They aren't harping on about those sorts of things, are they? I mean come on, you've been doing ALL the work thus far! Safety first! Their relationship is important too though! You don't have to like them, but she still Loves them, they are her kids!
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