My father is in a rehab facility and I am his DPOA. He wants his life insurance benefits to go to my sister. (I agree with this plan.) So I am helping him update his beneficiary designations. In the event there is any money left to go to her, could she lose her Medicaid benefits because of this? We are in California, and he has whole life as well as "family insurance", whatever that is. I am so confused.

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Medicaid in healthcare? I would talk to her caseworker. With healthcare there are income limits. With my nephew he is on "workability" so he is allowed some money in the bank.

Medicaid for care in a Nursing Home, I would say it will effect that definintely because of the asset cap. My State 2k. If she goes over that Medicaid stops, then money is spent down, Medicaid reapplied for.
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