My Dad granted my sister POA before his passing over a year ago after I refused his request for me to have POA for both of my parents. At the time, I completely trusted my sister. My Mom suffers from dementia, anxiety, and other mental issues. Can I challenge for financial POA for my mom even though my sister currently has POA now. My Mom wasn't competent then or now when my sister received POA from my father. We both have POA on medical matters. I am worried my sister isn't handling my mom's finances well as she will not provide me with any information when I ask or inquire about her money. I have asked her repeadily to be included in any emails concerning my mother's finances. I have asked her to call numerous times and she refuses to discuss matters. Please advise....thanks!

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Your father cannot grant POA over your mother to another person. Your Mom has to assign POA. Unless your sister was on POA as second, taking over at Dads death, she is not the POA. Mom is not capable of assigning someone at this point. The only option would be guardianship. It trumps a POA. I would ask for paperwork showing Dad turning over POA of Mom to sister. If she can't or won't produce it, then I would consult a lawyer.

My husband and I plan on getting POAs on each other. He will be mine, me his for both medical and financial. On the medical, my RN daughter will be secondary on financial my other daughter will be secondary for both of us.
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Actually, it is sister's responsibility to keep financial matters private unless there is some document in place that requires her to report to you.

You could challenge but you would have to be able to prove misappropriation or subpoena the records. Or you could pursue conservatorship, a court process and can become costly.

And it is not a "right" it is a responsibility and she was assigned by your folks.
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