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Any debt that you didn’t sign for isn’t yours and is not yours to pay. Make sure your mom hasn’t signed your name to anything if you’re in doubt
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Although joint implies 1/2 & 1/2, this is not the case. So, if there is a lien placed against the account, all could be attached. Each of you have 100% rights to that account. Joint accounts lay open to Judgements, Garnishments & Liens.
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You should just be a co-signer, not a joint owner, This is all set up a the bank. For example, my YB cosigns all checks Mother writes for over $200. Under that, she's fine.

His name is on the checks, but as a co-signer only.

Yes, you'd be held liable if something happened to her checking acct as it is essentially also yours, like a married couple.
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Good question. I was on my Moms account but only so I could pay her bills. I never deposited my own money in it. Her bank statements were cut and dry because only her money was in there.

I suggest if this is a shared account, get one of your own. Because, if Moms name is on it, Medicaid determines the money is hers. If you withdrawl any money that is yours, make sure you back it up. A paper trail.

If its just ur name is on the account to help Mom pay bills if she can't, then ask the bank how it needs to be worded so u cannot be held responsible.

Really, I never had a problem but then Mom had no debts other than her monthly bills. When all is said and done, you are not responsible for Moms debts. When there is no money left, there is no money left.
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