I'm a caregiver who takes care of two vibrant and energetic 93 year olds. They both eat pretty well but lately the male has decided that he doesn't want solid food but once a day. So at lunch time we usually go out to eat. He will order soup and salad. No matter what size the portions are he will not eat it all. Breakfast consists of two stewed prunes and 1/4 banana. Dinner is cottage cheese, peaches and pineapple or a milk shake. Recently I started giving them ensure with breakfast. He doesnt want to eat to many solid foods because he is afraid of another blockage in his colostomy. But since this new "diet" he has constructed he has lost 10 pounds in two weeks. He is so tired all the time. He falls asleep as soon as he sits. What should I do to help him gain this weight back and maintain it? It will have to be something liquid, like a milk shake consistancy because he refuses solid food. He only takes a daily vitamin and has no other health issues.

Could I use something like weight gain or muscle milk from gnc?

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You are already using the ensure liquid which is what my father drank to gain weight and get built up. He had 3 or 4 per day; and it did help somewhat. So, if your father likes the ensure you could give it to him more frequently than just at breakfast. Hope you find something else to help. Take care.
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