We went on a short vacation. Dad was okay. Sister would come in and check on him and stay for hours. While we were gone, he got a bladder infection. She said he worried all the time we were gone about us. And got very little sleep. and got confused. Now back he seems to be a little better. but still stumbles on his sentences sometimes although he read me a short story perfectly earlier. He seems unable sometimes to get the words out. He still has more antibiotics to take. He wasn't like this before. Talked perfectly, never stuttered and it is painful to see him try and get the words out when he has trouble. Also wondering if since his routine changed when we left if that has something to do with it. Someone asked about a stroke and I cannot see any signs of that. He has been sleeping a little better also. since we got back. My hopes are that is that he hasn't had enough sleep, very little while we were gone about 5 days. His normal routine would be to lay down quite a few times during the day and sister said he wouldn't lay down..also he stayed up till midnight which he has never done before.

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Bladder infections can have strange symptoms. Taking antibiotics can get us off kilter. Sleep deprivation is a serious cause of befuddlement.

He is under a doctor's care for the bladder infection. I would not be overly concerned until he's been back on his normal routine for a few weeks. If his symptoms continue beyond that, then discuss the changes with his doctor.

If this does turn out to be something more permanent, don't you dare feel guilty about taking your vacation. People do not get dementia from a change in routine. Symptoms may become noticeable after an infection or lack of sleep or worry, but only if the disease is present to start with.

I'm betting that Dad will come around to his former self as he recovers. Just be watchful and be prepared to seek medical attention and evaluation if it seems warranted.
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Thank you so much! Makes me feel so much better. :)
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I agree with Jeanne - bladder infections in the elderly can cause so many unforeseen problems. He could be starting a little sundowners which is disorientation usually in the evening. My father suffered with this, but it did diminish and over time was better. But any change in his routine could trigger it. It is different for every person.

You are a wonderful daughter and are doing the best for your father. Vacations and breaks for caregivers are extremely important and revitalizing.
Hugs to you and hope Dad improves. Take care.
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Y'all are bringing tears to my eyes..thanks so much for the encouragement from both of you.:)
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