My husband was a Korean War veteran who served in Korea during that conflict. He has now passed away. During the last 15 years of his life, he was confined to bed requiring 24/7 care. At first I hired caregivers during the day to care for his care while I worked. That did not work out. Then I cared for him using all of my retirement benefits and the equity in our home to pay our monthly bills. He passed away 10 yrs. ago, now I am totally disabled with insufficient income for my care. Will I qualify for a pension due to his service record? I am going to relocate to be near a nephew for care and assistance. I have degenerative spine disease and was declared totally disabled by Social Security at age 55 to receive SSJ disability. I tried last year to return to work and physically could not do it. Will I qualify for spousal V.A. benefits as I need assistance with shopping, getting to doctors appoints since I no longer drive due to an implanted pain pump and assistance from family with house keeping, trips to the doctor, grocery shopping and errands. Will I qualify for a V.A. pension and house bound benefits?

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Dianne, your best bet is to contact the closest VA hospital, or American Legion or VFW (I believe the latter 2 organizations are still helping people qualify), and ask for assistance in applying.   These groups know more about what can qualify and what might not than we could; we're not pros, although there are some here who've had a lot of experience with Veterans benefits.   However, they do change, and there might be qualifications that are more favorable since these upgrades.

The VA does offer some transportation to its facilities, and also has a food distribution program.   While you might not be able to attend that distribution, perhaps your family could, and get the food for you.

You can also sign up at the VA website to get their e-mail newsletter updates. also provides good information.

If would help if you post your living area in your profile so that anyone could research and find the closest VA facility for you.
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You may be entitled to Aid and Attendance. Like said, you need to contact your County VA representative. You will need all your husbands military records, proof of marriage etc.
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You should qualify but it may be only$800 a month. Will that be enough or do you need Medicaid?
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