I been here before about my mom's dementia and people are so kind. I want to ask how can I get help when I can't afford to get an attorney to look out for my mom? I will make this short. My mom's dis owned her other kids from another marriage years ago before she got dementia. She did this because what her kids did to her.They ruined her marriage to my dad (my dad not theirs) after he was having mental issues, her kids brainwashed him to divorce my mom of 45 years. My dad didn't believe in divorce. Her kids made my parents loose their home they had for 27 years, They even had my dad who I always been close disown me his only child and his only grandchildren.They had my dad change his will and left everything to them and nothing to his own daughter or grandchildren. My mom's kids are the kids my dad has hated for over 45 years up to his mental issues when they brainwashed him. When he died last year they took everything from him.My mom's kids stole from my mom including her baby grand piano. I have seen my mom's property at there house.My mom been with me since 2005. Her kids found out where we were and kidnapped her one night. Been to court and now she was placed in a home. My mom and I shared 3 storage units full of everything thing we owned. The guardian that was appointed as my mom's guardian got permission to sell things. But before she got permission my mom's kids went into the units and stole some of my things, but also stole my mom's $15,000 worth of jewelry that was in there. I know they took it because my mom was wearing a piece of jewelry that was in the storage. They were the only ones in there besides the guardian. I believe the guardian is also stealing from my mom and I. My mother has nothing anymore her kids stole from her again. What can be done? They took everything from my dad and now my mom. She didn't want anything to do with her kids and now they abused her again. This is not right. My mom made me promise her back in 2004 do not let them do what they did to my dad do to her and keep them away from her. My mom is 83 and is innocent here and she doesn't even know what has happened. This is so heartbreaking. I broke my promise to my mom I tried to protect her and failed and the court was no help. Her kids also stole everything I owned out of the storage with the help of the guardian.

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