We are obviously at our wits end with my MIL, and over the last few days we've learned that we might have the option of respite care at the home down the street from us. (We live in Toronto). Has anyone ever tried respite care?  We are considering it as an option. What's involved? What did your elderly loved one do? Did they like it? Did they refuse to go? How did you get them to integrate into it? We are desperate right now since we are waiting to get her re-evaluated and into a home. Thanks in advance for your input.

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What level of care does she need, are you looking at assisted living or nursing home care? I had my mom in our local NH for short stays twice, the first was just testing the waters for my longer planned vacation. Getting mom's consent wasn't a problem, but the actual care experience left me furious the first time and not willing to ask too many questions after the second, why ask for a headache when it was already over and done. My sister's MIL was in an AL for a convalescent stay after hip replacement surgery and she would have never consented if her surgeon hadn't insisted. Much to everyone's surprise she enjoyed her stay there and is consequently much more open to the idea of moving there permanently in the future.
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